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Delaney (she/her) is a small lady from the smallest state Rhode Island! But make no mistake her personality and voice far surpass her height. From a young age, she was a mover only ever falling asleep to Cuban music until she herself could get up dance around her room. Growing up Delaney studied Russian Ballet at Festival Ballet Providence which is where her love for the arts starting taking root. At 14 she found herself injured with nothing left to do but sing! So she tried out for the school musical, got the lead, and the rest is history! When she is not on stage you can find Delaney in the kitchen, downhill skiing, goofing off with her little sister, or beside the ocean. 


She has recently graduated this past May with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College!

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Greece Trip
The Nutcracker Ballet
Baby Delaney
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