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Broadway Biddie: Check out my Aunt's articles!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd share my amazing Aunt's recently written article that was featured on Huffington Post. I am super stoked to see her story being told on a large platform. Give it a read : )

Miriam Zinter Bio:

Miriam Zinter is a Black woman who presents as a white woman. She began her career as a community organizer, was the Executive Director of a not-for-profit neighborhood organization, became the senior housing programmer for the City of Rochester and now works in the housing finance sector. She serves on a number of boards who serve people who are homeless and people who are poor. She is married, with two adult children and a spoiled Shiba Inu dog. Both her parents are still alive and live down the street from her. She values every day she has with them. She has two sisters whom she loves very much and speaks with every day. She loves animals, comedy, books, food and wine. You can follow her on Twitter at @MimZWay unless, she says, "you are a hateful troll -- then just move on - and live your own life."

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